Background History of Maid2clean – Note from the Franchisor

McDonalds did not invent the hamburger, Dyson didn’t invent the vacuum cleaner and BT didn’t invent the telephone but all managed to take something that existed in simple form to a new level and provide something ‘extra’ to the market place that enabled them to become industry leaders.

A number of people have asked how the inspiration for the Maid2clean business came about. Of course Maid2clean did not invent domestic cleaning or the cleaning agency concept. In 1993, Elaine & I were fortunate to gain exposure and experience of a competitor brand. Using experience gained, and knowing we could do better, we left on good terms & started an additional pilot operation improving a number of key aspects of the business. This experience enabled us to create a superior business model and franchise system.

A huge amount of value added differentiators were added to the business model. Before the franchise operation started in 2003, we had gained a combined 20 years of industry experience whilst I managed to keep a full time job in the background (proving the business can be managed full-time or part time), keeping the wolves from the door and enabling us to save money from the business.

Maid2Clean conceived, we were able to bring the re-engineered unique trading model and franchise package offering to the market. Listing the unique aspects of the business would be too lengthy to mention but 45 of the key differentiator comparisons to a typical agency are shown below.

Typical Competitor Model

Maid2Clean Model


Linear recruitment system. Interviewed in cafes & hotels.

Interviewed at the home


Sold by monthly subscription

Sold as 5-year license


No training

5-phase training program.


Standard terms

Superior terms of business known as Business Trading Arrangement (BTA)


Paper based recruitment

Automated online recruitment systems


No Forum

24 hour access to our Franchisee Forum & Knowledge base, 365 days/year giving you continual help, guidance and assurance


Sold in territories of 20k upwards with sliding scale for increase in size.

sold in 100k territories


no advertising supplied

Local advertising to get you started


no marketing subsidy

Subsidised Yellow Pages & Yell Advertising 


Not BFA recognised agreement

BFA Approved agreement


No personal visit from franchisor

Personal visit from franchisor


No marketing plan provided

Illustrative marketing plan provided


No marketing provided

2-months initial cleaner & client marketing acquisition program paid for


No pre-launch support

Pre-launch press release marketing campaign to promote your business


Cleaning products supplied

No cleaner products supplies


No cleaner training

Cleaner training information


No time keeping check - CICO facility

Use of the trademarked Maid2Clean ®  automated cleaner Check-in Check-out (CICO) facility


No stationery provided

Stationery to include 500 letterheads and 50,000 leaflets


No ID badges

20 Maid2Clean®ID Badges supplied


No cleaner referral system

Cleaner referral system


No Client recommendation system

Client reward system provided


No cleaner handbooks

Detailed cleaner handbooks


No client handbooks

Detailed client handbooks


No online client feedback mechanism inserted into the model

Client online feedback inbuilt into the business


No specific website presence other than a static single page

Six page dynamic intranet website on theMaid2Clean ® site + optional landing pages


No database provided for applications

Bespoke Cleaner application database.


No database provided

Bespoke Maid2Clean ® client & cleaner database


No ordering portal

Unique online ordering portal for stationery and advertising literature.


Insurance not provided as part of franchise package

First Years Insurance 


No texting facility

Industry leading software (enabling cleaners to receive texts when allocating jobs). 


Mandatory to meet clients.

Not essential to meet clients.


No diary system

Online diary system. 


No call answering offered.

Call answering service option available.


No centralised administration support.

Administration support available as an option.


No business improvement meetings.

Regular business improvement.


No supplier management

Franchisor supplier management (stationery, telephony, call centre, accountancy, insurance, marketing, recruitment) etc., including policing of the brand


No sweep2left ethos

Use of the trademarked Maid2Clean ® Sweep2Left ethos.


No one off clean trademark

Use of Maid2Blitz trademark


No recruitment portal

Use of our Nationwide-Cleaners recruitment portal


No cleaner development training

Use of our MaidVersity online training programme for cleaners.


No cleaner best practice portal

 Use of MaidAware our cleaner best practice sharing portal.


No shared online repository with franchisor.

Use of MaidSecure online document repository for key business documentation ( plans, invoices, returns & agreement etc.) - access key business documentation from anywhere in the world.


National Brand

National & international brand


No published mission statements

Clear unambiguous mission statements


No videos on website explaining the service

Videos explaining how the business works.

BFA Finalist 2012

Maid2Clean Franchise

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Franchisee Testimonials

"Maid2Clean is without doubt the best decision I have ever made in my life and I would like to thank Elaine for giving me this fantastic opportunity and helping me along every step of the way"

"After 8 months, I now have almost 100 clients and revenue around £3000 per month. Every month grows by around 20%. There's plenty ups and downs of course but there's a great team of franchisees who meet at the conferences and freely share their experiences with each other whenever possible."

"Maid2Clean have been instrumentally committed to helping me succeed"

"Our franchisees get out of bed in the morning and live with a sense of self-worth because their Maid2Clean business is creating a secure future for them and their families."

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